Paul's Apiary


One of Paul's hives is on an electronic hive scale. This hive is an overwintered in 2017/18 as a 3 deep which was split on 5/10/2018 and had a 2 year old Saskatraz queen. Again the hive survived the 2018/2019 winter as a 2 deep hive.. Today (1/3/19) I did a reversal of the 2 boxes.

The scale is powered and monitored by a Raspberry Pi B+ computer and is connected to a 12 volt battery and solar cell. On the graph two temperatures are noted. The first is the ambient temperature and the second is the hive temperature measured just under the hive cover. The graph shows the weight of the entire hive and also a calculation of how much honey is in the hive. The honey weight is calculationed by adding all small incremental weight gains which are recorded every 15 minutes. If a weight gain or loss in excess on 1/2 pound occurs, the program assumes that this was do to adding a super or maybe forgetting to replace the "rock" and does not include that gain/loss in the honey weight calculation.

The temperature probe is situated just under the inner cover.

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Date # of Deep Boxes # of Supers Activity
0403/19 2 0 Added electonic scale. Reversal of box #1 and box #2
040/7/19 3 0 Added box of foundation frames and 1:1 sugar feeder
04/17/19 3 0 Removed feeder pail and empty cover box.
05/12/19 3 0 Varroa count = 9/300. Treated with FormicPro
05/13/19 3 0 Hive temperature sensor failed 5/11 and was replaced with new on 5/13
05/22/19 2 2 Divided colony and added 2 supers
060/6/19 2 4 Supers 50% full. Added 2 additional supers
06/14/19 2 4 Replaced 2 full supers with 2 empty supers
05/21/19 2 5 Added 1 more super
07/14/19 3 2 Removed 2 full supers & added deep box with foundation
07/23/19 3 0 Removed all supers